Owners of caravans are celebrating after a recent poll shows that they are no longer the most hated people on the road, according to new research by specialist insurance company caravaninsurance.com.

"After several years holding this dubious and unwanted distinction, they’ve been dislodged by farmers driving their tractors, that most unwelcome of sights on a country road," said the company’s managing director Philip Alden.

"With caravan owners having an undeserved reputation as slow and over-cautious drivers, it’s no wonder that other road users have shown their prejudice in previous votes. But with holidays in the UK becoming more popular in recent years, and the campsite once again coming back into fashion, the positive public image of caravans has grown among the British public.

"Caravan owners are safe and responsible drivers. This new poll comes as no surprise to us, as more and more people see caravanning as a viable alternative.

"We can’t deny that there’s a long and winding road to get caravan owners off this list altogether, but we think people are looking past the bad press they get and see caravans in a more popular light.

"Perhaps the caravan-exploding antics by the likes of Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear chums have done us a favour and got the public thinking that a caravan might be fun to own after all."

According to the survey results, the Top Five Most Hated Road Users are:

1. Tractor drivers

2. Caravan owners

3. Sunday drivers

4. Learner drivers

5. Cyclists

"Funnily enough," said Alden, "we don’t see aggressive business drivers, motorway tail-gaters and boy racers on the list, and they’re the road users most likely to have higher insurance premiums."