The Fleet industry website,, has criticised the Chancellor for failing to scrap the 1 ppl

fuel duty increase which is due to come into force on April 1. spokesman Richard Lawton said: "The Chancellor’s decision to delay the 3 pence hike in fuel duty will create a short-lived breathing space for motorists and businesses, but with fuel prices already extremely high, the 1 pence a litre increase for April 1 should have been dropped altogether. Tax on fuel in the UK is one of the highest in Europe and, with a weak pound, the price to fill up is already impacting on business recovery.

"Investment in the road network and investment into hard shoulder running projects is essential to keep the UK economy literally and figuratively moving.

"Thankfully, Mr Darling avoided dropping a 20% VAT bomb which would cripple a slowly recovery economy and has provided a package of support for small and medium size businesses which we welcome."