The Freight Transport Association has hailed yesterday’s Parliamentary debate as confirmation that fuel duty has now become a mainstream political issue, and welcomes the suggestion that the Chancellor George Osborne may be about to cancel the increase in fuel duty planned for New Year’s Day.

The indication that the Treasury may defer the 3ppl duty increase comes hot on the heels of face-to-face talks initiated by the FTA-backed FairFuelUK Campaign, when research was presented illustrating the impact of fuel duty on UK growth and the economy, adding pressure on the government to axe the fuel duty hike scheduled for January 1, 2013.

James Hookham, FTA’s managing director - Policy & Communications said: "We have been able to get this issue to the heart of the political debate in Westminster and ensure the weight of public and business opinion is brought to bear on decisions about future tax rates. We hope and expect that George Osborne will not only cancel the increase, but will abandon any further rises before the next election, as it is clear that a precedent has been set and that similar debates and votes will take place ahead of all future planned increases. The Chancellor may as well give up on fuel duty increases as a bad job."