The relief felt by motorists after the Chancellor’s decision to cancel a planned duty rise on fuel, just serves to highlight the case for switching to LPG, according to Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited.

He claimed that motorists who convert to LPG can save up to 40% on fuel costs when filling up compared to petrol users – a much greater saving compared with the extra 3p per litre fuel duty that had had been planned.

“It is welcome news from George Osborne that he is ditching the fuel duty rise, especially at a time when many drivers are battling high petrol and diesel prices,” said Oxford.

“However, car owners can make much bigger savings when using autogas LPG so they don’t need to rely on the Chancellor doing them a favour.”

In addition to the cost savings, he said, LPG, also has better green credentials than petrol and diesel, but he added: “While greener motoring is very attractive to many motorists, it is really the cost saving benefit that appeals to most.

He said the are 160,000 LPG drivers in the UK and more than 1,400 refuelling stations.