FairFuelUK has welcomed news that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) will be gathering information on the pricing of petrol and diesel in the UK.

The fuel price lobby group has made intensive representations to the highest levels of government over recent months on this matter. Tens of thousands of FairFuelUK supporters across the country have joined calls that the OFT examine a whole range of issues, including: whether reductions in the price of crude oil are being reflected quickly enough at the pump; independent fuel retailers have fair market competition; remote and rural areas have fair fuel pricing; and why petrol prices have risen by 38% in five years and diesel prices by 43%

Quentin Willson, official spokesman of FairFuelUK, said: “There is a widespread feeling that when oil goes up, pump prices rocket immediately – but when the oil prices falls, pump prices don’t reflect that call. This causes a sense of complete exasperation and anger.

“FairFuelUK has been calling for this investigation into the road fuel market for months. Anything that brings transparency and openness to a £32bn market that’s always been shrouded in mystery, will be good for consumers, businesses and the UK economy.

“We want full disclosure to make sure pump prices in this country are fair, reasonable and, most importantly, go down quickly when the price of crude falls.”