It’s 6am time to wake up. I have always been an early riser.Some mornings I will spend time at the gym, but I always check the bank balance, then my emails before starting the rest of the day.

The arrival of the smart phone has made the business of communication so much easier.

I normally arrive at the office at 8.30am, I light a candle at the base of my father’s statue and then head to our fuel-pricing manager to discuss fuel sales and margins.

Specifically on a Monday I receive all fuel, shop and car wash sales from the previous week. It is at this stage we decide whether any further strategies should be implemented to increase sales and profit for the coming week.

While in the office I always take time to speak with our head of human resources to discuss the weekly HR report.

Once a month I have a meeting with our operations director where we discuss the Park and Shop brand awareness and discuss ways of promoting this to our customers, employees and suppliers.

At various times of the day I chat things over with my brother Balraj.

We talk about any new business opportunities and the general issues that naturally crop up in a business like ours. It is our closeness and ability to work together which are the fundamental contributors to our success.

I always make time in my busy schedule to visit our fuel stations.

I consider it vital to interact with the staff at the sharp end of our business. It enables me to get a feel for what is happening day to day. While out and about, I also get a chance to view what the competition is up to.

An important part of my role is the acquisition of new sites and negotiating new contracts with the various oil companies.

In this ever-changing market I have ongoing discussions to enable us to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. It is important that any secured contract complements our own brand Park and Shop.

On my way home from the office I always make time to call on my mother to share a pot of tea and have a chat. I then take some time to chill at home before we share a family dinner, a great time to catch up on the family events of the day.

Although working is crucial to my life, it is my family that is most important. In this day and age, with all the pressures that go with running a successful business, it would be so easy to get so tied up in business that the family would suffer. I always take time out for my wife and children and they support me fully in my business life. Time for leisure is also important.

I enjoy watching football and rugby as well as playing a round of golf with my son these are some of the best moments I have to relax and enjoy myself.

Being part of the oil industry has brought me in contact with many people who have become good friends over the years.

It is always a pleasure to share a bite to eat with a glass of Bordeaux 2005 reminiscing over the good times.

A recent hobby is trekking with friends. We are preparing for our third charity fundraising walk.

This year is the Inca Trail, which will lead us to Machu Picchu.

I strongly believe in giving something back, helping others who are less fortunate in life.

Although the upcoming trek does bring about a sense of anxiety, I always enjoy taking on new challenges, especially when they are for a worthy cause.

My motto is ’work hard, play hard’. Profit is important but it’s really the people in my life that matter the most.

I work hard and strive to succeed in all aspects of my life. To play hard is the easy bit as in my mind I’ll be ’21 forever’.