The former boss of Volvo doesn’t think electric cars will be the future of the automotive industry - because fear is the key. Stefan Jacoby, who was chief executive officer of the Swedish car company until recently, said: "If the battery goes down on their cell phone people feel really bad. If it’s your car in the middle of a traffic jam you will feel even worse.

"It’s that emotional connection which is a major stumbling block for electric vehicles, said Jacoby. That, and the price.

At a media lunch organised by motoring news service headlineauto, Jacoby said: "These issues are being addressed but I don’t believe EVs will have a major role in the future. They will have some sort of role, for example, in cities as taxis or urban delivery vehicles, but for a normal household, no. Over the next 10-15 years we will see various hybrid solutions, mated to the conventional internal combustion engine playing the dominant role."