Gun pointed at cashier

A lone female assistant had a gun pointed at her and was threatened during an armed robbery at Hatton Service Station in Uttoxeter Road, Derby. She was shaken but unhurt after a masked man entered the Esso service station at night on Thursday April 18. He escaped with cash from the till.

Raid on Crewe forecourt

Police are appealing for witnesses to a robbery at the Total Petrol Station, Queens Park, Victoria Avenue, Crewe where a lone assistant was forced to keep serving customers while the crooks stole money from the premises.

Tesco sparks e-petition

Symonds Forecourts has launched a new e-petition calling for Tesco to be removed from a Government appointed commission looking into the future of the UK’s high streets, saying it is comparable to putting a fox in charge of a chicken coop.

Electric cars struggling

Petrol and diesel vehicles are predicted to be with us for a long time yet as sales of electric vehicles are set to fall far short of official expectations. A report commissioned by UKPIA and the RAC Foundation, ’Powering Ahead’, predicts that pure electric vehicles are likely to account for just 5-15% of new car sales by 2020, with some experts predicting sales of 40,000 a year. Two million new cars were sold in the UK last year.

Fuel costs are top worry

Fuel costs remain a major concern for motorists, according to research by vehicle remarketing company BCA.

Three quarters of used car buyers polled in March claimed the price of fuel was their biggest worry when it came to motoring costs and more than a third were frustrated by the lack of action by the Government to tackle fuel prices.