Independent retailers are being encouraged to take part in the major public consultation launched by the Secretary of State for Business today that is giving local shops the opportunity to explain which regulations that cause them a burden should go.



The website, will be live for four weeks and the feedback received will be closely analysed over a period of three months. The working presumption is that unless there is a compelling case for a regulation to be retained it should be scrapped.



James Lowman, ACS chief executive, said: “Local shops, particularly independent retailers, are crippled by the time and money required to comply with bad regulation. By bringing out open scrutiny for all regulations affecting retailers, the Government and retailers themselves can identify the ones that bring bureaucracy and costs without delivering their objectives. ACS will play an active role in advising what regulations need to go in order to get the balance right.



“We will be encouraging our members to have their say across all the regulations being considered. We are particularly keen for members to find the ones they want scrapped, but they will also be able to explain why others are needed.”