Allan Henry who runs the John Henry service station in Dalmuir, Clydebank, is selling petrol for 125.9ppl and diesel for 131.9ppl. His prices are so high they were featured in the local Clydebank Post newspaper.

However Allan refutes claims that his prices are a money-making scheme. Instead he said he needs to charge the prices simply to cover his costs.

Allan told Forecourt Trader: "I probably should have just binned the petrol six or seven years ago. I’ve only a dozen customers left who buy fuel and I now sell as much in a week as I used to sell in two hours on a Monday morning. But I want to continue selling it for as long as my loyal regulars want to use us."

He buys the fuel from Rix Petroleum, 5,000 litres at a time. "I can’t get it any cheaper because we are buying such small amounts," he explained.

Allan has a Jet garage nearby which is selling fuel for 20p a litre less. But he said: "We could not continue to sell fuel if we sold at those prices."

He has also rented out office space on his premises in a bid to makes end meet.