To support the launch of Britvic and PepsiCo’s SoBe Pure Rush, Britvic is giving five lucky retailers a share of £250-worth of the new drinks to sell in their stores.


Available now in 250ml cans, SoBe Pure Rush is said to be completely different to anything else in the stimulant energy market. Not only does it come in two delicious flavours apple berry burst and tropical twist the drink also contains naturally-energising caffeine, guarana and ginseng and has no artificial colours or flavours. Worldwide, SoBe Pure Rush’s sales are worth £570m.


Britvic and PepsiCo say the new drink is already performing strongly here, where it is distributed. Research shows that the number of people buying stimulant drinks is in decline recently (AC Nielsen), because people don’t like how they taste, and because they’re full of artificial ingredients. SoBe Pure Rush has been designed to address this and bring new shoppers into the category.