A new AdBlue dispensing system is being installed at the BP Thetford West site operated by MRH (GB). Developed by fuel dispensing specialist Dresser Wayne in conjunction with Blue 1, a supplier of AdBlue storage solutions, the new equipment is based on the Dresser Wayne Global Star V AdBlue Dispenser.

The Global Star dispenser with Blue 1 compact tank, is described as a complete assembly that integrates pump and tank in one unit.

“The Global Star V AdBlue dispensing solution, and the partnership behind it, reflects our commitment to meet the growing demand for alternative fuel types,” says Dresser Wayne sales manager Soren Powell-Holse. “We are well known for our traditional fuel dispenser installations, and now we are playing a leading role in supporting requirements for AdBlue. We have seen significant interest in our new Global Star V AdBlue dispenser, and we believe that Dresser Wayne’s industry-recognised quality and reliability will cause more forward-thinking dealers to choose Dresser Wayne for their alternative fuelling needs.”


With the Global Star dispenser and Blue 1 compact-tank solution, Dresser Wayne adds to its extensive range of dispensing solutions available to UK. retailers, which also include traditional standalone dispensers and LPG dispenser configurations, with or without pay-at-pump technology.


The Global Star dispenser and Blue 1 compact tank, which will be co-branded Air1 and BP at the new MRH Thetford West installation, is based on the AdBlue configuration of Dresser Wayne’s Global Star V series of dispensers for eco-fuelling.