FCL Biofuels has joined forces with European sustainable fuel company Prio SA to launch the Portuguese consumer brand PrioBio into the UK. It will be available to fuel retailers from November 1.

By the end of the year the partnership’s two biodiesel refineries will have a total capacity of 200,000 tonnes which will reach 400,000 tones by the end of 2010, and will make FCL Biofuels one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of biodiesel, according to the company’s managing director Colin Walker.

"We see ourselves as the ideal biofuels partner because we control the whole supply chain - from plant to pump," he said. "We plant the seed, grow it, harvest it, and refine it in one of two, specialist, European-based biodiesel refineries. We then deliver it through our in-house logistics and it’s all backed up with our sales and marketing. Because the majority of feedstock is grown in Europe, the carbon footprint of our biodiesel is much less than biodiesel refined from feedstock imported from the Far East. It also means we’re doing our utmost to protect rainforests by using as much European agricultural land as possible to fuel European vehicles. The crops we grow are mostly indigenous."