A Burnley forecourt has won its appeal to sell alcohol around the clock.

Local residents had expressed concerns about the threat of anti-social behaviour if the station was granted a 24-hour licence, which prompted the council licensing committee to rule that Rossendale Road Service Station would only be able to sell alcohol up until 12pm instead of 24 hours.

Gill Sherratt, founder of licensing training and consultancy company, Licensing Matters, represented the service station at a recent appeal and argued that it could not be held fully responsible by the council for anti-social behaviour in the area. As a result, local magistrates ruled that a 24-hour licence for the forecourt - which had promised to only serve drinks through a hatch after 11pm - would be approved. "The owners - The Kay Group - are very responsible and train their staff even more than they need to," said Sherratt. "Forecourts - even more than off-licences - should be granted 24-hour licences as their security is so much better."

Meanwhile, Esso is "intrigued" by protests over plans to sell alcohol at its Greatbridge site in Romsey. It is converting the forecourt - which previously had a licence to sell alcohol between 6am and midnight - to an ’On the Run’ concept later this summer and wants a new licence for exactly the same hours.

Romsey councillor Sally Lamb said there was considerable opposition from neighbouring residents and businesses to the sale of any alcohol at the garage.