ACS has called for the Post Office to listen more closely to the concerns of retailers during its rollout of Post Office Local branches.

As part of a submission to the Post Office Committee’s inquiry into the Network Transformation Project, ACS has called for the Post Office to consult with local retailers about which model is best for each location and provide better support for those who are working with the new format.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “The rollout of Post Office Local branches is an important step with the potential to ensure a broad-based accessible service can be delivered sustainably through retail outlets. However retailers have a crucial role to play in making this a success and the Post Office must ensure that affected businesses are properly informed and supported through the transformation process.

“Post Office has still not got its proposition right for supporting retailers delivering their new services. For example the extended business support services in place for retailers using the new formats must be in place during all hours that Post Office services can be delivered - not just the traditional Post Office opening hours. If not retailers will face problems serving customer needs and the whole network will suffer.”

ACS has also stressed the need for retailer engagement to ensure that Locals branches are sustainable under the new remuneration packages given to retailers.