Welcome Break - which recently announced plans for a £750,000 rebranding programme - has signed a deal with Country Choice, which will see the Bake & Bite food-to-go brand rolled out to around 25 forecourt sites.

It has also agreed a partnership with entertainment supplier Choices UK, following a five-week trial, which saw sales of CDs and DVDs rise by 50%. The package will be rolled out in 18 Welcome Break locations, both on the forecourt and in the service area.

The company also plans to trial forecourt pump attendants in the new year.

Meanwhile customer spend has increased by at least 10% in Welcome Break forecourt stores, thanks to a new ’rugby ball-shaped’ store layout, according to Nabil Subhuh, Welcome Break’s retail director. The motorway operator has invested around£5m in its Shell-branded forecourt estate, with 15 sites adopting the ’revolutionary’ format, which guides shoppers around the store in a spiral.

Subhuh said: "Many operators have gone for a fast lane down the middle of the store. Our design makes people walk around the shop. It’s effectively just one aisle with a rugby ball shape in the middle. It’s less cluttered and easier to shop. We’ve also found it gives our staff a better view of the forecourt, speeding up pump authorisation.

"From our point of view it’s revolutionary on the motorway network. It’s resulted in an increase in revenue overall.

"Sales are up by 10% as a minimum, with some sites seeing increases into the high 20s, depending on location."