Kopiko the world’s number-one coffee and cappuccino sweet brand is now being sold in forecourts all over the country, following its UK launch earlier this year. The sweets are made with real Java coffee beans for the authentic taste and tempting aroma of genuine coffee.


They are available in two different varieties original coffee and smooth, creamy cappuccino and both have the same ’pick-me-up’ qualities of a real cup of coffee, making them ideal travel sweets for drivers and commuters.


Kopiko is giving away three cases of sweets to 10 retailers. Each case contains 12x120g packs of Kopiko sweets.


Even if you aren’t lucky enough to win, every respondent will receive a free sample when they contact Kopiko by email and quote ’Forecourt Trader Offer’. Although new to the UK, the sweets have been sold in 55 other countries for over 30 years.


Kopiko sweets are now available from leading distributors, including Palmer and Harvey.


For samples email info@kopiko.co.uk.