AG Barr has added blue raspberry flavour to its Rockstar SuperSours range. The firm says SuperSours was one of the most successful energy launches of last year and has so far delivered over £11m through retailers’ tills.

“Within big can energy, flavoured variants are still the key drivers of growth in the category, growing at 52%,” says Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr. “Rockstar is leading this trend with a 56% share of the flavoured energy market and seven out of the top 10 fastest selling big can energy drinks.

“Consumers love Rockstar because it doesn’t define how an energy drink should taste – it’s available in a wide variety of exciting flavours to offer plenty of choice.

“Rockstar SuperSours really struck a chord with energy consumers, who love to try new things. The new flavour will build on this momentum, delivering incremental sales in the category.”

The latest flavour received excellent feedback in consumer taste tests, with 81% of those asked saying they would buy the product.

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