More than half of a group of 27 Jet dealers in the south west who got together in the wake of ConocoPhillips’ announcement to withdraw from the region, have now signed, or committed to, new suppliers, according to Barrie Richards of St Blazey Service Station.

"Considerable effort has been put in by potential suppliers, with every dealer having offers and the opportunities to explore all of the options available," he said.

"The arrangement where the re-supply has been co-ordinated by the ’collective’ has been extremely useful. It has generated interest, and given the number of sites coming onto the market, suppliers have seen opportunities beyond what was likely to happen within the natural process.

"Although everyone has negotiated their own deal, there has been much pooling of the relative merits of one offer over another through excellent spirit and camaraderie. Of interest to everyone has been the wording of the terms and conditions, which for some has been as important as the numbers."