The four major supermarket groups have reflected falling wholesale prices and favourable exchange rates with three rounds of price cuts during April.

The first round was kicked off by Morrisons on April 9 announcing it would cut the price of diesel by 2 pence per litre (ppl) the next day and within one hour 40 minutes the three others followed suit, with Asda adding that it had a national price cap of 137.7ppl.

Asda set off the next round announcing on April 14 that it was cutting unleaded petrol by 2ppl the next day, with a national cap of 133.7 ppl, and within three and a half hours all the other groups had announced similar cuts.

Five days later Asda moved again with a 2ppl cut in both unleaded and diesel, with national price caps of 131.7ppl for unleaded and 135.7ppl for diesel, and in just over two hours its three rivals all announced similar cuts.

Sainsbury’s trumped the other supermarkets four days later, however, when it announced a new promotion running from April 24 to April 30, offering customers spending £60 or more in store a coupon entitling them to 10p off per litre of fuel when they fill up at one of the company’s forecourts.