Torex Retail Petrol & Convenience launched its Service Excellence pledge at IFFE in March following its acquisition of Flexiline Forecourt Services. The addition of Flexiline has been a springboard for an improved service for customers of the expanding group. The capabilities of Flexiline allow Torex Retail to add forecourt installation and maintenance and a variety of other on-site services, providing a true end-to-end solution. The ethos of Flexiline, a company built with the customer in mind, embraces one of Torex Retail’s core objectives – delivering service excellence. Forecourt Retailer needs In the past, customer service within the forecourt industry has not always been of the highest standard. In many cases, a forecourt is likely to have a number of different companies providing goods and services, all working to different standards. This lack of cohesion can present problems for the retailer – such as poor communication – when dealing with on-site issues. Torex Retail identified this and has developed and expanded its product portfolio to provide a complete solution, enabling the retailer to gain control of the business and develop a strong supplier relationship. Susie Hawkins ,partner of Simon Smith Group, says: “With Torex Retail as my service provider, I log any service issues on-site with my dedicated analyst who is fully versed on my network of forecourts. This ensures issues are understood and actioned efficiently.” The importance of service Forecourt retailers need suppliers they can trust. Torex Retail partners its customers and helps build their businesses by providing highly trained analysts and engineers, and by feeding customer requests for new functionality into future product releases. Susie Hawkins is also a member of the Lakeside Group that regularly invites Torex Retail to its meetings. “The development team advises us on how to maximise the use of the Iridium and Prism suite of EPoS, back and head office management solutions. Feedback we’ve given, such as the request for a fuel discount voucher scheme, is reviewed for inclusion in the next software release.” Technology behind service excellence As the number one supplier of forecourt management solutions, Iridium and Prism, with systems installed across approximately 25% of the UK forecourt market, Torex Retail keeps ahead with continuous product development based on the needs of the retailer. Iridium is a fully integrated EPoS system, incorporating touch-screen point of sale, EFT and Chip & PIN. Ease and speed of use are key with this system. “Queues are minimised and the staff find Iridium so easy to use they can concentrate on providing excellent customer service rather than how to work the till,” says Susie. Prism is a powerful system capable of managing store operations to obtain maximum profitability. It boasts links to all major suppliers for direct ordering, product and price updates and electronic delivery notes. Susie is now communicating electronically with Budgens. “Ordering stock is easy and straightforward. I can benefit from all promotions and my stock levels are optimised.” When combined with fuel and loyalty card acceptance with all major oil companies, Torex Retail provides a truly independent one-stop solution. Pre-pay functionality is tried and tested within Iridium. Retailers can eliminate drive-offs by requesting the customer pays for fuel before filling up. As part of the product portfolio, wet stock management is fully integrated within Prism. The service includes a live web portal for viewing up-to-the-minute information analysis. Torex Retail can detect leaks, hot product, short deliveries, water content and over-dispensing with minimum time and cost to the retailer. Why is Technology important? Technology features in all aspects of forecourt retailers’ business, improving trade and increasing profits. In an ever-demanding industry with competition from c-stores and petrol and convenience format supermarkets, the petrol and convenience retailer needs to be ahead of the game and maximise profits where possible. Implementing solutions from Torex Retail enables the forecourt retailer to run an efficient business and improve customer satisfaction. “The staff at Torex Retail understand my business needs, which is why the solutions they develop help me manage and advance my network of forecourts,” concludes Susie.