Toffee maker for generations, Walker’s Nonsuch, is giving readers the chance to win a case of 12 Duo Hammer Packs to enhance their Christmas offerings.

Each pack contains a bar of original creamy and nutty brazil, along with a toffee hammer.

Little has changed since the company’s humble beginnings. With over 100 years’ cooking experience, Walker’s continues to use really good ingredients.

Bringing a point of difference to any confectionery display and an alternative to chocolate, Walker’s toffee really is a delicious indulgent treat.

New lines in the company’s gift range for 2011 include four traditional toffee slabs: treacle; liquorice; nutty brazil; and original. Each 400g pack comes in cases of 10. Also in the range is the Tub of Toffees, a 1.25kg jar containing English creamy, milk chocolate covered, plain chocolate covered, and chocolate toffees as well as milk chocolate eclairs and banana split eclairs. The jars come in cases of seven

There are eight Toffee Duo prizes available.