has launched to give small business owners the ability to create their own branded mobile loyalty cards. Companies can design an HTML5-powered card with their logo, locations and offers which can then be embedded as a website widget or hosted at their page.

Cards work on any smartphone and are compatible with Apple’s new Passbook feature to be released with iOS6 this Autumn.

Vipster founder David Garzotto said: “When a business makes an offer through a third-party loyalty programme, it mainly increases loyalty towards that service rather than the specific business. Instead of helping companies to promote one-time deals, we are providing a turnkey platform to convert occasional buyers into loyal customers.

Card creators choose which data to collect from customers on the registration page and each has their own proprietary database which they can download at any time. From their Vipster dashboard, they can also update offers instantly. On-site marketing templates are also available to download and customize for a range of businesses including bars, cafes and restaurants.

Upon implementation with iOS6 Passbook, iPhone users will receive an alert on their phone when in proximity of one of the card creators store locations.

Vipster 2.0, due for release in Q4 2012, will include payment options designed for use with paid membership programmes.