To celebrate the launch of Quattro Disposables - described as the world’s first performance four-bladed disposable razors - Wilkinson Sword is giving away five packs of female and male Quattro Disposables to Forecourt Trader readers.

The UK disposable razor category is worth £65.5m, up 2.3% year on year, with Wilkinson Sword holding a 19% share of the disposables market. The company says consumers are hungry for improved technology and latest data shows that three-blade razors are performing well ahead of one- and two-blade products.

However, Wilkinson Sword believes there is potential to encourage consumers to trade up further, and add value to the disposables category as a whole with Quattro Disposables.

Quattro Disposables for men incorporate the superior design and technology of the Quattro Titanium system range for minimal irritation and maximum comfort.

Quattro Disposables for women combine good looks with state-of-the-art technology. Both Quattro Titanium Disposables and Quattro for Women Disposables come in packs of three with a recommended retail price of £4.99.