Dairy Crest has announced a transition to a more efficient shelf-ready packaging solution across its convenience range of butters and spreads.

The new single-face SRPs will be the first to launch within spreads and will enable smaller stores to make more efficient use of limited shelf space to drive category growth through more variety on-shelf. The company says the move away from traditional double-face cases enables convenience retailers to stock a broader range, without the need for time-consuming decanting of stock to fit single-facing planograms.

As well as delivering time efficiency the new cases will allow retailers to include additional key lines within their range which might formerly have been prohibited by shelf layout.

Neil Stewart, Dairy Crest’s marketing controller for butters and spreads, says: “With operational efficiency a high priority for many of our customers, we identified an opportunity to support their category managers’ range planning while also helping store staff more quickly merchandise product on shelf. Within butters and spreads some key sectors such as dairy free and lighter remain underrepresented in the convenience channel. Shelf-ready single-face cases will allow key lines to be ranged to satisfy these consumer needs, even within a tight shelf configuration.

“We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from customers to date and are confident our new single-face SRPs will help multiple and independent convenience retailers alike to maximise the value of their butters and spreads range.”

The new single-face SRPs will roll out across Dairy Crest’s full convenience range of butters and spreads from late June. The case configuration changes come with no disruption to SKU or bar codes. Full detail of SKUs undergoing this transition is provided below.