Nestlé Confectionery is running three Kit Kat promotions in 2009, featuring 52 million prizes. It will be backing the Kit Kat brand with a £16m media campaign - £2m more than this year - and a claim this is the biggest-ever media spend on confectionery. The first promotion - Perfect Break - kicks off in January, and has a prize fund of £1m. There are three tiers of prizes - 10 top prizes

worth £10,000 each, where winners can choose from one of 36 ’perfect breaks’; 2,000 smaller break prizes worth £50 each; and two million free bars being given away. Promotional wrappers of Kit Kat four finger milk, Chunky milk and Senses each contain a unique code which consumers have to text in or enter online.

Graham Walker, Nestlé’s UK trade communications manager, says: "This hugely exciting promotion offers a high chance to win. It will drive rate of sale which will generate incremental sales and profits for retailers."

AC Nielsen figures reveal that the Kit Kat brand is enjoying a sales boom with growth of 20% (year to Nov 1).

Kit Kat’s two other 2009 promotions will run in the spring and autumn.

* Nestlé is currently running a £1m press campaign to highlight the reduced packaging on its Christmas packs.

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