Butterkist is releasing two exclusive limited editions for the seasonal market. Butterkist Grim Green Sweet popcorn (150g, MRRSP £1.49) and Butterkist Gingerbread flavour popcorn (150g, MRRSP £1.49) will both launch in September.

The Grim Green Sweet Popcorn features bright green popcorn made with natural colours and flavours and has been developed following consumer research which shows that novelty products are key to driving consumer purchase at Halloween. The research further suggests that spooky coloured classic treats are particularly popular among consumers.

The Halloween themed bag, which deviates from Butterkist’s classic red packs with a black bag and bright green pumpkin face, is designed to have strong shelf appeal and standout.

The Gingerbread flavour popcorn is intended to appeal to shoppers looking to experience something new within the popcorn market, as well as those who are seeking out novelty winter treats.

Commenting on the launch of the new Butterkist Grim Green and Gingerbread flavour popcorns, Anjna Mistry, senior brand manager at Butterkist, said: “Our first-to-the-market limited editions offer a fantastic opportunity for retailers to drive sales as we head into a time of year when consumers are looking to spend a little bit more on snacking and treating. These products deliver on taste and quality as well as satisfying customer demand for novelty and seasonal products.

“Butterkist is driving category growth and invigoration with a £2m investment in ATL marketing and an exciting pipeline of fantastic flavour and format developments throughout 2015.”

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