Fox’s Biscuits has announced a new price-marked pack (PMP) initiative across a range of its best-selling lines to optimise shelf stand-out and mobilise sales within the convenience sector.

The launch follows swiftly on from the recent announcement of a £10m master brand re-launch campaign which aims to capture the hearts and minds of biscuit lovers everywhere by guaranteeing ‘More Yum Per Crumb’.

Alastair Johns, senior brand manager at Fox’s, said: “More Yum Per Crumb is about delivering a truly holistic biscuit eating experience in terms of adding more generous ingredients resulting in delicious taste and above all fun. We are focusing on our ‘hero’ brands, which are most popular with our consumers and have the biggest opportunity for growth.”

The PMP initiative includes the Everyday Biscuit range - Crunch Creams, Crinkles, Jam ‘n Cream and Finger Creams - at a permanent price of 79p together with more indulgent lines – Viennese and Chunkie Cookies – at an introductory price of £1.29 as well as the iconic Kid’s Party Rings range at 79p. 

Johns concluded: “With year-on-year value growth of 5.2% and the number of convenience stores up 1% on last year this channel is predicted to be worth £49bn by 2019.  So we are confident that this PMP will translate into strong volume sales for our convenience retail partners. Particularly with the inclusion of our more indulgent biscuit lines which give shoppers the opportunity to trade up for a real tea-time treat.”

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