From October, Natural American Spirit will become ‘American Spirit’, as JTI launches its TPD2 compliant packs for the brand nationwide. American Spirit RYO pouches will roll out first with the cigarette SKUs set to follow.

The product remains unchanged and continues to provide retailers with an additive free tobacco brand. With a combined share of over 72.8% of the sector, JTI says the pioneering brand remains particularly popular in London, with a growing RYO presence in Scotland, North West, South West and South East England.

It adds that including additive-free tobacco within a wide range of tobacco products will ensure retailers continue to maximise profit from the total tobacco category which is worth £15bn.

While current ‘Natural American Spirit’ packaging will be compliant until May 2017, retailers are encouraged to sell though this stock first as they prepare their gantry for TPD2 compliance.

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