Maoam has unveiled a new campaign that will see some of YouTube’s most popular vlogging stars go head to head in a series of fun, summer challenges.

The Maoam Summer Challenge, which has been designed to appeal to young adults, pairs up eight vloggers. Each of them will set a summer themed #Maoamchallenge that will be answered by their vlogging partner.

As part of the campaign, Alfie Deyes will team up with Sprinkle of Glitter, Helen Anderson with Fashion Rocks My Socks, Chai Cameron with Ebony Day, and NikiNSammy with Doug Armstrong.

In the first of seven videos, Ebony challenges Chai to a game of mini-golf with a twist. The course is built entirely from Maoam, with a series of obstacles put in place to make it increasingly difficult as the levels progress.

With everything from ramps made out of Maoam Stripes to walls constructed from Maoam Bloxx the course is no doubt exciting but the question remains who will win the #Maoamchallenge?

Nadia Abou-Ragheb, brand manager Maoam UK, commented: “Our collaboration with some of YouTube’s most popular stars is a really exciting move for Maoam.

“We already have a strong online presence but The Maoam Summer Challenge will certainly see us extend our reach among young adults through our partnerships with vloggers and the creation of engaging, original content that also captures the essence of the Maoam brand. “

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