Radnor Hills has redesigned its Aqua Splash range of drinks. This is the first redesign in 12 years of one of Radnor Hills most successful brands.

The new design is intended to give Aqua Splash a fresh, modern twist and moving to a clear label brings the focus back to the water and how this drink is all about hydration and taste. The range of still and sparkling flavoured waters is also intended to attract health conscious consumer as there are only eight calories in a 500ml bottle.

Aqua Splash drinks are made by adding natural flavourings to Welsh mineral water and come in six flavours: Lemon and Lime, Strawberry and Kiwi, Apple and Blackcurrant, Forest Fruits, Orange and Mandarin and Peach.

Still Aqua Splash drinks are available in 500ml PET bottles with sports cap and sparkling in 330ml PET bottles with colour coded caps.

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