Procter & Gamble is bringing together a group of elite retailers to help boost sales in the convenience channel, across its core categories – Laundry, Health & Beauty, Homecare and Baby.

Following the upgrade of its ShelfHelp category management website, P&G has recruited ‘ShelfHelpers’ to become an extension of this, in a new initiative to provide a resource for retailers.

ShelfHelpers brings together some of the top independent retailers across the UK, who have each made a commitment to work alongside P&G to help develop solutions that will drive future sales for the wider retailing community.

John Drake, director of convenience at P&G UK, said: “This launch signifies an important step-change in our approach to how we communicate with and help our retailers. ShelfHelp was the first category management website of its kind and has been used by countless retailers since its creation over a decade ago. At P&G, we remain driven to provide the most relevant and up-to-date retailer advice possible, and to do so we must be on the ground and at the forefront of what’s going on at the heart of the industry.

“Certain categories continue to be a challenge for convenience retailers. Home Care, for example, is often squeezed into any free shelving space as opposed to being given the attention it deserves, leading to missed sales opportunities. Basket spend has been known to increase when Fairy and Ariel or Bold and Daz are placed together on promotion, as shoppers often stock up on the category in bulk. We now need our ShelfHelpers to put our research to the test, trial our advice instore, pass the message onto their peers and most importantly, provide us with the invaluable feedback we need to continue providing not only iconic brands but everyday household essentials that continue to fly off the shelf.”

The retailers with whom P&G will be working will share their insights and successes on a dedicated page on the ShelfHelp website. In addition, further conversation, news and advice will be maintained by P&G on the company’s Twitter feed - @PGShelfHelp.

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