Jimmy’s, one of Europe’s leading popcorn producers, has announced the launch of its Pure popcorn range in the UK, which it claims will be the healthiest popcorn available on the market.

A range of three flavours – Seasalt, Sweet and Sweet & Salty – will spearhead the brand’s entry with each bag containing less than 100 calories, less sugar and salt compared to regular popcorn and no aromatic substances, colourings, flavourings or sweeteners.

The Dutch-based company’s UK arm launched two years ago following a partnership with Steve Seddon – former managing director of popcorn company Kernels, originally acquired by Butterkist (then Cadbury) in 2002 - and has already achieved a £1.5m turnover in less than two years.

Initially supplying UK cinemas with popcorn, the brand has built on this success and Jimmy’s will now offer its consumer snacking range to the UK market.

Seddon, director at Jimmy’s UK, said: “Popcorn sales are soaring in the UK market, which can in part be accredited to the shift in consumer habits from traditional, generally spud-based, snacks to ‘good-for-you’ alternatives.

“Certainly within the last few years, popcorn is the snack that has seen most benefit from this shift in consumer buying habits: Kantar Worldpanel data shows us that take-home sales have now passed the £100m mark for the first time, rising 14.6% on volumes up 7.5%.

“What really sets the brand apart is the innovation behind the product that we have engaged in order to create a healthier alternative for consumers to enjoy without compromising on flavour. As a natural alternative to sugar, we use chicory beet root fibre that gives a subtly sweet flavour and is completely new to the market.

“Popcorn has seen exponential growth in a few short years from microwavable packs and kernels to one of the grocery’s biggest success stories and we are proud to be offering a range of products at the forefront of this sector, offering consumers a product that combines healthy snacking and on-the-go convenience without comprising on taste.”