JTI is introducing new pack designs and formats across the Hamlet range of cigars.

The modernisation will see a new look celebrating the heritage of the brand with rotational designs on selected SKUs featuring fictional characters from the ‘Freeman business empire’. JR Freeman & Son was the founder of the cigar factory which made Hamlet cigars.

The Hamlet singles 50s drum will be offered as a half outer for the first time, providing retailers with a reduced cash outlay and lower stock holding opportunity. Furthermore, Hamlet miniature 10s will be moving to a more compact tin format in response to a demand from existing adult smokers.

The refreshed design and pack changes will launch this month and will be supported by bespoke POS in the wholesale channel.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, commented: “As a brand synonymous with heritage and quality, Hamlet is a long-standing success story for retailers in the profitable cigar category. The house modernisation will further strengthen that proposition and will ensure the brand’s continued success.

“The range also offers PORs for retailers of up to 21.3%, while the availability of Hamlet 50s drums in half outers means retailers can also benefit from reduced cash outlay. As we head into summer – a key period for cigars – there’s never been a better time to stock up on the Hamlet range.”

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