Sunmagic, which produces a range of 100% pure fruit juice, smoothies and juice drinks, is launching its first sub-brand, called Hydra, which comprises three ranges of premium drinks targeting different consumer occasions.

The Hydra brand includes Hydra Juice, a five-strong range of still juice drinks available in Orange, Lemon & Lime; Apple & Mango; and Strawberry & Cherry; Fruit Punch; and Raspberry & Blueberry flavours.

Hydra Fizz is a fizzy range of juice drinks, available in Blackcurrant Cola; Orangez; and Applez. Hydra Blast features a sports-cap for easy on-the-go drinking, and comes in the three flavours: Amazing Apple & Blackcurrant; Outrageous Orange; and Awesome Apple.

The Hydra ranges all contain 45% fruit juice, and the Hydra Blast and Hydra Fizz ranges also contain spring water. The drinks all count as one of the 5-a-day portions and each bottle has an RRP of 69p.

Razin Ali, Sunmagic’s brand manager, said: “We are extremely excited to be launching our new Hydra brand, following months and months of consumer research.

“Our new Hydra ranges respond to a variety of different consumer occasions: Hydra Juice provides a still juice drink for everyday hydration, yet offers consumers a range of exotic flavour profiles; Hydra Fizz responds to a consumer need for sparkling products in popular flavours such as ‘Orangez’ or ‘Applez’; while Hydra Blast offers easy on-the-go drinking with its convenient sports-cap.”

Hydra Blast replaces the three-strong range of Sunmagic sports-cap drinks which were launched in January 2015.

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