WKD is venturing into new territory with WKD Blush – a 4% ABV, blush-style liquid which has been created by WKD brand owner SHS Drinks to attract a new wave of RTD consumers and bring excitement to the alcohol RTD category.

The new line is being rolled out from mid-February and is intended to tap into the growing popularity of blush-style drinks in other categories such as wine, wine fusions and ciders.

It is the first WKD RTD variant to be given a specific flavour descriptor – a ‘passionfruit’ roundel is prominently displayed on the necks of the WKD Blush 275ml and 700ml bottles. And in another new move for the WKD brand, the packaging is more feminine and sophisticated aiming to give WKD Blush a particular appeal among females, while not being rejected by male WKD drinkers during consumer research.

WKD Blush is being made available in price-marked (PMP) formats – 275ml, £4.99 PMP 4-packs and 700ml, £2.99 PMP multi-serve bottles – both of which are exclusive to the wholesale/cash & carry/ convenience store sectors. WKD Blush will only be available in multiple grocers in non-PMP 700ml bottles, making the 4-pack format exclusive to the convenience sector.

The new addition is being supported with a marketing mix of innovative digital activity, which enables the brand to interact directly with consumers; screen-media advertising; and point-of-purchase communications.

Debs Carter, marketing director – alcohol at SHS Drinks, says: “WKD remains by far and away the No. 1 RTD brand, with almost three times the value share of its nearest RTD competitor in the impulse sector, and a proactive approach to NPD and innovation has played a major role in establishing and maintaining WKD’s category leadership. There is a thirst among WKD consumers for new and exciting ideas from WKD, and this year the arrival of WKD Blush will broaden the footprint of the brand and lay the foundation for a new era in the development of WKD and the RTD category.”

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