Rocket Fuel, the energy coffee brand, has unveiled a nationwide campaign to support the Department for Transport’s Think! driver tiredness initiative.

Government research shows that falling asleep at the wheel accounts for up to 20% of crashes on motorways or similar roads.

Edward Chapman, brand marketing director of Rocket Fuel, says: “Ours is a perfect brand to support the driver tiredness campaign as the government recommends a minimum of 150mg of caffeine to effectively help wake up drivers and one powershot of Rocket Fuel contains 170mg of caffeine.”

Rocket Fuel’s formulation, which contains guarana, is designed to help increase mental alertness, fight fatigue and build stamina and physical endurance.

To drive sales of the coffee, a nationwide sampling campaign kicks off this month, together with on-pack promotions. In addition, the Department for Transport is running its own PR campaign.

What makes Rocket Fuel different to other energy drinks is that it is a hot drink and uses in-pack technology to self-heat in 40 seconds.

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