Saxon has added several new lines to its automotive range. The company has strengthened its partnership with tyre repair products firm Slime by adding the 1-2-Go Kit to its range. The Kit is described as a "simple, no mess, tyre sealant bottle and tyre inflator that gets you on the move in a matter of minutes". Rrp is £54.99. When a puncture occurs, Slime’s patented sealant is carried directly to it. The pressure of the escaping air forces the Fibro-Seal particles into the opening, where they build up and intertwine to form a long-lasting, flexible plug. Instantly, air loss is blocked and a flat tyre is prevented.

Neil Haines, CEO at Saxon, said, "Slime products are incredibly easy to use and designed to allow you to continue your journey in the event of a puncture; especially important for those drivers without a breakdown and recovery policy." Another new line for Saxon, again for punctures, is the Fix-A-Flat aerosol can, rrp £9.99. You simply connect the aerosol to the tyre valve and allow it to pump sealant and air into the tyre. "In other words connect, inflate and go," said Haines. It seals punctures up to 5mm and is suitable for cars, vans and trailers. Fix-A-Flat was invented in 1970 by Snap Products and was the first emergency aerosol flat tyre sealant and inflator. Haines says it quickly became a household name and continues to dominate the market.

In the Little Trees air freshener range, there are two new fragrances: sherbet lemon and daisy chain. Rrp is £1.79.

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