Airwaves, one of the UK’s largest chewing gum brands, is back on TV this month with a new advert.

The ‘Never Not Fresh’ creative is set to position the brand as the essential product consumers need to restore their cool and confident persona, and will be supported with in-store activity.

Hitting small screens across the UK on June 16th, the new 30 second advert brings a humorous twist to the traditional boy meets girl story, as a heated tale of romance is abruptly cut short by the introduction of the girl’s unusual house pets.

As the leading lady is left abandoned by her date, she can be sure of just one thing, that whatever the reason ‘it’s definitely not your breath’.

Pamela Bower-Nye, marketing director UK & ROI, says: “Airwaves is continuing to witness strong sales and is currently the second largest chewing gum brand in the UK and across Europe. In the UK alone, Airwaves is worth £36m and growing at 4.6% year-on-year.

“To unleash the full potential of the brand we wanted to move on from Airwaves’ traditional and more functional message around breathing, to a more widely relevant and emotionally appealing message around ultimate refreshment, positioning Airwaves as a chewing gum brand which delivers an intense breath freshening experience.

“We are expecting the upcoming TV exposure to be really popular among consumers and to drive sales in store.”

Airwaves is available in 10-pellet (RRP 45p) and 46-pellet bottle (RRP £1.99) formats.

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