Still on the above subject, January comes and I get a calendar through the post. It features a fine picture of Forfar Service Station, brightly branded Jet and with the message that the business is sponsoring the Dundee Tigers under 16s ice hockey team.

It had all happened very fast. “They did the work on December 12,” says Sebastian. “It was the best Christmas present I ever had. I’m very happy with Jet – it’s a very good service and you can speak to them person to person. And the Smile promotion is going down well with customers.” He says that the bank manager is happy too. “He said there are three Jet sites now in Dundee, so it’s not an unknown!”

The result means Sebastian’s site is in competition with the BP sites in the area. Their managers will be up against a man who has a big personality, an enviable relationship with the local community and the drive to make a real go of the business. Still, it was their choice.