Since I last wrote this column, the UK’s General Election was held and the Queen’s Speech, on June 21, set out the government’s programme for the period between 2017 and 2019 and certainly life hasn’t got any less complex!

Firstly, it was announced that Parliament will now sit for two years instead of the usual one to allow enough time to fully consider the UK’s exit from the European Union.

In parallel, the government is preparing its plan for a new industrial strategy for the UK and a White Paper is expected in the coming months.

UKPIA responded to its consultation on the strategy and will continue to engage with the government to identify the best ways to realise a secure energy future for the UK, strengthen and grow our economy, and ensure a thriving industrial base and supply chain to the benefit of generations to come.

That’s because fundamentally, our industry is what really drives the economy and makes mobility, growth and innovation all possible.

It is also crucial that the government and industry work together on a shared and more holistic vision for the future.

Along with an industrial strategy, the government has now taken its first step in redefining the UK’s relationship with the EU by publishing the ’Repeal Bill’, formally named the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and first announced in October of last year.

The Bill aims to transpose EU law into UK law, wherever practically possible, and will be carefully considered by MPs and peers going forward.

For the government, getting all this right is of major importance to industry generally, and to our sector in particular.

In this fast-moving environment, it is essential that the government provides all businesses and sectors with as much stability and certainty as possible over their operating environment, now and in the future.

Needless to say, UKPIA will be following developments very closely.

Above all, the importance of what we do for all UK citizens must be front of mind for all of those involved.