As avid readers of Forecourt Trader you will, I’m sure, be aware of new fuel labelling regulations coming into force in the not-so-distant future. Just in case you haven’t, here’s the key information: there are new regulations being introduced which legally require additional labelling on fuel dispensers and nozzles in all UK filling stations by September 1, 2019. The aim is to help drivers identify fuels and reduce misfuelling.

Of course, there’s a wider policy debate here about biofuels and the role of government intervention in promoting them, as well as an even broader debate about these liquid fuel developments in the context of electric and hybrid vehicles. For now, as you look at introducing them to your own site, let’s focus on the legal requirements and the way this is being implemented.

Quite simply, the new labels use symbols for petrol and diesel, plus a letter and number to indicate the type and maximum percentage of the relevant renewable fuel it contains. On the new labels, there will be a circular symbol with ’E5’ for petrol or a square symbol saying ’B7’ for diesel.

So, what exactly do these changes mean? The key message for you and your staff to communicate to customers is that the type of fuel that they are purchasing has not changed, it is simply the label on the dispensers and nozzles which will be different. This consumer response is going to be crucial, so it’s welcome that the Department for Transport has launched the ’Know Your Fuel’ campaign to raise awareness about the changes to fuel labelling, and there are materials available for you to use in your store including a Staff FAQ Guide and posters to help explain the fuel labelling change to your customers. For more information visit:

The new labelling requirements have also been incorporated into our Assured Advice scheme which gives sound advice and legal assurance to retailers who sign up to our scheme and follow it. All of our Assured guides, including ’Storing and Selling Fuel’, are available to download on the Advice section of the ACS website.