Criminals who operate on UK forecourts come in all shapes and sizes, from individual drive-off offenders to organised gangs who steal fuel in bulk. At BOSS we recognise the need to match these shapes and sizes to have a strong deterrent effect or, failing that, to identify, apprehend and bring offenders to justice. That’s why we’ve developed strong partnerships, not only within the industry but across government, law enforcement and with specialist agencies whose expertise supports our drive to tackle forecourt crime.

Regular readers will know that BOSS is involved in the Home Office’s ’Action Fraud’ initiative, which targets serial fraud offenders by enabling details of multiple offences to be gathered, linked and presented as a single package of evidence, facilitating prosecution. We have sent 480 ’no means of payment’ cases to Action Fraud or the police for action and many of the offenders have repaid their debts or been prosecuted successfully.

Recently we’ve been working alongside the Crown Prosecution Service, to improve the potential for prosecuting persistent ’no means of payment’ offenders, as well as securing agreement from the DVLA to enable retailers to request registered vehicle keeper details.

We are supporting Operation Liberal, a nationwide policing and intelligence-sharing initiative tackling ’travelling criminality’ including fuel crime.

The success of long-standing BOSS Forecourt Watch schemes is founded on our relationships with police forces throughout the UK enabling us to forge reporting ties between local police and retailers.

At a strategic level BOSS works closely with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), and units such as the Central Motorway Police Group to tackle specific problems, including bulk fuel theft.

Business partners also back BOSS in supporting fuel retailers. We have joined forces with Allstar to share information on fraudsters who abuse fuel payment cards.

The popular and successful BOSS Payment Watch scheme is underpinned by the services of a professional debt recovery agency, which has helped to recover more than £700,000 of ’no means of payment’ debts for retailers.

Of course, our most important partners are our retail members, on whose behalf we continue to work to make forecourts safer places for staff and customers.