How many times can a motorist fill up, claim to have left their method of payment behind, promise to pay within a week but then fail to do so? Once, possible, twice, doubtful, three times or more suggests treatment for Alzheimers or they’re behaving in a dishonest manner and should be treated as criminals.

BOSS has identified more than 600 cases of multiple offenders and most of these have now gone to the police, with positive outcomes. Customers can forget their credit/debit cards, their wallets and, it seems, even their correct address?

Accurate evidence is essential so that debts can be chased successfully. To assist retailers BOSS has recently teamed up with ’Postcode Anywhere’ to enable Payment Watch members to validate a customer’s address. This will help to reduce incidents of false addresses being given.

Address checking is one example of technology helping the fight against forecourt crime. We’ve used technology to become more proactive in targeting serial offenders and thousands of incident reports from members have been analysed. By identifying repeat offenders, often operating across police boundaries, we can prepare evidence and help the police to bring offenders who abuse ’No Means to Pay’ schemes to justice.

BOSS has been instrumental in initiating a steady flow of prosecutions. Among the successes were Sally Ward and Jane Harding who colluded together and were both fined and ordered to pay costs and compensation at St Albans Magistrates’ Courts.

Michael Knight and Sarah Harvey committed offences across several counties, including Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Evidence from BOSS helped Thames Valley Police to charge them with a total of 20 frauds, including the BOSS cases, and they were committed to Crown Court.Essex Police took several months to track down another offender and he is now awaiting a court appearance.

BOSS crime reports also help government agencies. Recent evidence submitted regarding multiple offending has been used in anti-terrorist prosecutions and also illegal immigration.

For BOSS to continue this campaign accurate evidence is essential: so please submit your detailed reports as quickly as possible.