Interesting times, as Esso concludes the sell-off of its final tranche of sites and pilots a new fuel livery; and MFG unveils a new strategy - on the one hand signing off on the biggest fuel supply deal of recent years; and also commits to the Murco brand in a dealer supply operation. Full marks to Euro Garages for taking the lion’s share of the Esso sites. It means that since 2012, when the first of the Esso company owned site sales took place, Euro Garages has acquired 195 out of a possible 369 sites - more than half. According to the latest Top 50 Indies listing, and by my calculations (granted the figures are always fluctuating) it now has a total of 286 sites and has therefore jumped ahead of Rontec to come nearly neck and neck with MFG, currently at number two with 288 sites. MRH however, has reinforced its dominance of the independent dealer group sector, adding another 78 sites bringing its network to 463. It acquired a total of 109 sites from Esso over the three groups of sales; Rontec gained 55 overall. These are audacious acquisitions as these independent dealer groups continue to grow in leaps and bounds. MRH has lead the way in terms of numbers for some time; Euro Garages continues to lead the way in terms of innovation both in site development and operation. MFG has joined the party with its huge number of company owned sites on which it continues to raise standards; and now it is officially caretaker of the Murco brand. The MFG management