First let me congratulate the team at Bodmin Moor Services in Cornwall, part of the Chartman Group, for their admirable accomplishment in winning this year’s award for the UK’s Best Forecourt Loo (see news story on page 4).

What they have achieved is no mean feat firstly to keep their loos so clean that they have attracted numerous comments throughout the competition, such as ’friendly, helpful staff and spotless facilities make a stop at Bodmin Moor Services a pleasure’; and ’seeing these toilets still in action, brings a smile to my face. The way to Cornwall is via Bodmin Moor Services for us. Thank you for all the cleaning Bodmin’. But secondly it is commendable to have the staff and customer engagement to make 87 people ’like’ them on our ’Best Forecourt Loo’ Facebook page and help win them the competition (plus an iPad Mini and Washroom Maintenance Kit to boot.) The conscientous and hardworking team at Bodmin Moor is helping to put their forecourt on the map as far as its customers are concerned.

Some people may regard our Best Forecourt Loo competition as a bit of light-hearted fun and there is certainly that element to it. But it is also a serious business asset that could like Bodmin Moor Services help your forecourt to stand out from the crowd. Especially when you consider the latest research on the petrol filling station sector by shopper research specialist HIM (see News Extra, page 10) reveals that only 23% of shoppers believe forecourt loos are clean, and 24% think they are in service all the time. Only 19% think they’re always fully stocked. So there’s still a great deal of room for improvement you need to hold your ground against the competition with every weapon you can.

Talking of standards, you may have noticed (hmm, hmm) our rather ’loud’ cover. Yes, it’s time to stand proud and consider your site for this year’s Forecourt Trader of the Year Awards...