So lobbying does work or government U-turns on tax are right on trend at the moment! But the fact there will no longer be a fuel duty tax rise in August is a great relief to the industry and motorists alike. Plaudits must go to everyone involved in the campaign to cancel the proposed rise, in particular Brian Madderson, chairman of RMI Petrol (which has now gone back to its old name of Petrol Retailers’ Association, by popular demand).

But as can be seen by the results of our online poll on page 4, most of you don’t think the government understands the fuel retailing business and how the numbers blatantly displayed on the price poll for all to see as in no other sector are arrived at. Nor do MPs appear to understand how sensitive they are to a very price-conscious buying public, or to the bottom line of a retailer’s business. Perhaps they should take out a subscription to Forecourt Trader! This month’s copy would be most helpful, as on our regular Money Talk column, the effect of VAT and fuel duty is clearly explained. For example, adding 3.02ppl to a typical tanker delivery of say 28,000 litres will push up the price of that delivery by £845.60 before VAT, or £1,014.72 with VAT. It’s at that point that the bankers (a rather dirty word at the moment!) also need to have a good understanding of your business, but many don’t.

I’m so sorry to hear about the plight of Nesscliffe Services (page 5 and online), owned and run by Mike Dransfield and his family. Administrators have put it up for sale, but Mike is so angry about the pressures put on him by RBS pver the years, which he believes has been a major contributing factor in the downfall of the operation. I hope the Dransfields can salvage something from the situation.

Meanwhile you may have noticed a few Olympic things going on? Hence the spotlight on BP this month (page 20). Good luck to all those involved. But your sites may also be in the spotlight the Forecourt Trader awards judging starts now!