I love chocolate as much as the next person actually probably more so, and my absolute favourite is Cadbury Dairy Milk. However, I am not a big fan of what they are doing to it ie launching more and more obscure varieties. They must have done their research but even so... First up, let’s look at Medley, two 93g bars which say on the wrapper ’A delightful Medley of’ and that’s either dark chocolate chips, biscuit and fudge pieces or dark chocolate chips, carmelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces.

Once you take them out of the wrapper, the bars are decidedly odd shapes a strange sort of interlinking puzzle on one side and then ’bits’ of the ingredients on the other side. The marketing brains at Mondelez have named these ’onclusions’. It’s a made-up name which apparently describes the concept perfectly.

As for the taste, well in mine and Mr West’s humble opinions, it’s not good. There is some type of chocolate sauce type thing going on in there too. Needless to say we won’t be buying them again.

Then, in the grocery mults, there are three new Big Taste bars. And when they say big, they mean it as they weigh in at a hefty 300g each. The on-pack message says ’Peel me, share me’ which sounds like a 1970s’ disco hit to me but you can’t force people to share so I suspect that for some people this will be a so-called self-eat.

The three varieties are: Toffee Whole Nut (which Mr West actually liked), Oreo Crunch and Triple Choc Sensation (dark, white and milk). I’m not sure what’s going on with the moulds at Cadbury HQ but these blocks are all odd shapes. The Toffee block has rectangles with circles on top; the Oreo has old-fashioned style rectangles but the indentations between each are not deep enough; while the Triple Choc has triangles on top of it. You might say ’who cares’ about the shapes but if you’re a chocolate eater like me, you’d care a lot.

However, one thing I am pleased about is the Time Out Wafer bar. I do love a Time Out but I don’t think it is in as wider distribution as it should be. I’m hoping that the launch of this new snack size bar will mean more retailers stock it. It’s a single finger of Time Out priced at a very reasonable 35p. I’ll expect to find it next time I’m in a forecourt store.