I have a confession I love Nutella. I have to avoid buying it because I can eat so much of it. A while back I bought the teensiest of jars the glass one with the white lid and sat and ate it all with a teaspoon. Then, feeling more than a little guilty, studied the jar and discovered that I had just consumed 15 servings but boy was it good. I love the Nutella&Go! product but obviously the bread sticks-to-spread ratio is not right for me.

Anyway, imagine my joy when on a recent trip across the Channel I discovered a new Nutella product called B-ready. Actually, when I say I discovered it, that’s a little white lie as Mr West mentioned it to me having seen it advertised on the TV. To be fair, I wasn’t really listening to him, so when I saw the product on the shelves in Carrefour I was very excited. ’Look what I’ve found," I said, waving the box in his face and then he patiently explained that this was the product he had already told me about.

So the Nutella B-ready that I found comes in a box of eight pieces. Each piece is individually wrapped and the actual product is about 11cm long, divided into three humps of delicious Nutella goodness. The outer shell is like a crunchy wafer and inside there’s the Nutella with little crunchy wafer pieces on top. I google-translated the description on the box and it said: "Bread wafer baguette with filling of hazelnut cream and Nutella chocolate and Chicci of bread wafer". Am not sure what Chicci is but whatever it is, it’s great. Having now eaten six of the eight pieces, I have discovered that each piece contains 96 calories ouch. I’m hoping B-ready make their way over here, but not too quickly.

Changing the subject, but sticking to my recent visit to see our European friends, I was in a Carrefour convenience store in Bruges when I witnessed a young man put a large can of cold beer down his trousers. Before I knew it, I had shouted (in my best Queen’s English) ’That man’s put a can of beer down his pants’. Mr West told me not to get involved but before I could say anything else, staff came over and challenged the chap. Whether they had heard me or had seen it all on CCTV I am not sure, but we didn’t see him drop his pants so we believe he paid for the one can he had in his hand and got one free in his pants. It may seem funny but not when it comes off your bottom line (sorry!).