It’s not often nowadays that I get excited about a new product. That’s because most aren’t really new at all as often they’ve just been resurrected in new packaging. However, I’m loving the new Tic Tacs I discovered very recently. They’re called Breeze, they’re sugar free and they come in super-strong flavours. I tried Aniseed and also Eucalyptus there may be others but these were the only ones I saw.

They’re in a bigger pack than regular TicTacs about the size of a credit card and the pack’s flatter too. Packaging is striking and the message on both packs reads: "With crystallised herbs". The ingredients include herbs and essential oils as well as stevia extract. Now, I’m not a fan of stevia at least not in soft drinks but in these sweets you cannot taste it because the flavours are so strong. The only downside to Tic Tac Breeze is the ’laxative effect’ that you get with any sugar-free sweets. Along with other sugar-free sweets, the pack says ’excessive consumption’ can cause this effect but packs never say what is deemed to be excessive!

Another new product that I’m enjoying is Goodness Knows, the new cereal bar from Mars. But I have found it puzzling that the Mars name is hidden away on packs is it because they think the Mars name doesn’t sit well with a wholesome snack? There are three varieties: Cranberry & Almond, Blueberry & Almond and Apple, Peanut & Almond with each bar presented as four ’snackable squares’, which makes for easy eating on-the-go. The Cranberry & Almond bars (my favourite) have 152 calories, no artificials and are a source of fibre.

Another thing that Goodness Knows isn’t shouting about is its charity fund.

Ten per cent of profits from sales of these new cereal bars is going to be distributed to groups and individuals all across the UK to help overcome disadvantage and create stronger communities. People can apply for grants now with the first money being distributed next month. I’d have thought this was a selling point, after all a lot of consumers like the thought of giving something back. Perhaps once the money is being distributed, more will be made of it. I do hope so.